Is It Too Late To Buy Ethereum In 2023?

October 14, 2021
Is It Too Late To Buy Ethereum

I totally understand why you’re hesitant if you’re new to crypto and want to buy them.

You’ve just heard about Ethereum and are scurrying to learn more while determining if you missed the boat or whether it’s worth buying ETH.

Although it may appear to be too late, I truly believe that it isn’t. You can still invest in ethereum in one of two ways:

1. Just buy and hold

Another approach is to simply invest in and hold regardless of the market. I’m rather optimistic about Ethereum.

Long term, I believe we’ll continue to rise. Ethereum is the basis for the entire defi and NFT economy.

That’s not going away, it’s getting bigger.

Will there be a large downturn before then? Maybe. In the past, I’ve been able to brave through a huge 80% or greater decline without breaking down.

I also paid much less for it now, so I can more readily accept holding it this way.

2. Dollar cost averaging (DCA)

Dollar cost averaging is another option, which I would suggest to you as a first-time user.

It’s when you want to acquire an item but are hesitant to put yourself out there in the market price at the moment.

Let’s assume you have $100 to invest.

Instead of purchasing $100 worth of ETH right now, consider buying $10 pieces over the next 20 weeks.

If ETH rises, you still made money from your prior purchases, and if ETH falls, you didn’t lose everything and are still buying.

Once you’ve decided to invest, keep in mind that the safest way to store ethereum is on a hardware wallet like a trezor.

Don’t keep a lot of ETH on an exchange, and don’t use BSC or pancakeswap, either.

The safest approach to acquire and store Ethereum is via a trezor.

These businesses are highly regulated, and the trezor is open source, so buying and keeping Ethereum with Coinbase/Gemini/kraken followed by transferring into a trezor is the most secure method.

Why Ethereum is a no-brainer

Ethereum is the next evolution of the internet. It will be home to all finance one day because to better composability, security, neutrality, and limitless possibilities it is the value layer of the internet’s future.

Everything from property deeds, stocks and even fortnite skins.

Ethereum will function as the ultimate source of truth when it comes to who owns what. The stock market in the United States is worth more than $50 trillion.

Ethereum is a worldwide network and the underlying asset for what will be hundreds of trillions of dollars’ worth of assets in the future.

Surely, that would make it at least 1/10th of that value. Otherwise, you’d have an unwieldy amount of value on a network that isn’t secure enough to keep track of.

Consider the Ethereum as an internet bond.

International government bonds are worth hundreds of trillions of dollars. Now you may acquire one that pays a positive interest rate of more than 5% (but will always be above 2%) paid out in ETH, which itself can rise.

It will happen because 1) ETH is being burned with each transaction, which means that it is being destroyed; and 2) after ETH 2.0, more ETH will be destroyed than created/inflated to pay for stakers.

The value of a deflationary monetary asset like ETH has never before existed, and it’s based on how most inflationary assets gradually lose value over time. The price of ETH will almost certainly continue to rise as the counteracting forces of an ever-increasing network and a progressively dwindling amount of ETH drive the price higher.

Do you believe that buying an asset that will soon begin to decrease in number, which will become the settlement layer for most of the world’s value one day and can offer yield is “too late” because it has a market capitalization of about $400 billion?

It’s hard to predict how much the price will rise in the short term, but if ETH shows that it is on track to achieve what it claims, it should be worth at least $10 trillion one day or about $100K per ETH (equivalent to the market capitalization of gold).

To get a better picture of what the future holds, I’ll tell you how it might look. The global stock market is valued at around $100 trillion today. That’s a lot of money! So if we tokenize that on Ethereum, I believe it will be conservative in the sense that there’d be a hundred trillion dollars in international equities and another hundred trillion in government bonds, as well as a few quadrillion dollars in real estate globally.

To add on top of that, the metaverse’s infinitude of possibilities, NFTs and gaming assets.

Note: This is an opinion piece and should not be taken as financial advice

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